Braggin' Rights

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Very Good

Taylor Fleming is a thirty-six year old Texas rancher who covets her independence enough to keep her life simple, no strings attached. As partner to her father’s vast cattle ranch, she has enough to keep her busy without taking on a serious relationship with any of the women who clamor for her attention.

When a neighboring aging rancher fills the Fleming’s life with aggravation and vandalism, Taylor is forced to confront the old man’s estranged daughter, Jen Holland. But convincing Jen to intervene becomes another task entirely.

After an accident leaves Taylor with imposed bed rest, her cowgirl independence is tested to the limit. Soon Jen is facing an ultimatum. To keep her father’s property from being sold on the courthouse steps, Jen must dust off her nursing skills and take on a job she could never have anticipated——being caregiver to the stubborn Taylor Fleming…

Published: 2007
Pages: 172
ISBN: 9781594930959